Book Review: Instant OpenCV Starter

I was recently contacted by Packt Publishing to do a quick book review of their new OpenCV book Instant OpenCV Starter. I was quite flattered that they contacted me, my internet presence must be improving, and they were going to provide me a free copy to review so I agreed!

I just finished reading the book and I do think it is quite good! Its on the shorter side but its also not that expensive and I would definitely recommend it to people who are just starting with OpenCV (and maybe who aren’t the most rockstar programmers) and also to professors who are going to be teaching a Computer Vision course.

Perhaps the most helpful chapter to newcomers to OpenCV is the introduction and the installation tutorial. The book does a very nice job at describing how to install OpenCV for both Linux and Windows, the latter being quite similar to my own tutorial. I also liked how they added some details about the various dependencies required for building on Linux.

The book wraps up with some fairly simple OpenCV examples and one really cool example of Image Steganography. And as always with Packt the source code is available from their site and is of good quality.

I’d definitely recommend this book to newcomers especially for the install tutorial which is an area that the greater OpenCV community should address better. Also if you are a more advanced OpenCV user or you finish this book and are looking for more I would recommend the OpenCV 2 Cookbook and definitely the Mastering OpenCV with Practical Computer Vision Projects.

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Augmented World Expo (AWE) '13

I recently got the opportunity to attend AWE ‘13 to demonstrate ARPool and give a talk. The conference was very cool, it was awesome to interact with people working on similar ideas and get inspired by their successes. I even got to try out Google Glass!

I am particularly excited about the “How To” applications of Augmented Reality, like one of the keynotes said we’re not quite at the matrix learn to fly this helicopter level but we are moving towards that direction.

ARPool was really popular and I had a great time sharing it with everyone, we also got a lot of nice press coverage - hopefully this helps us find a commercial partner!

ABC News: Demonstration Interview

AWE Talk

USA Today


PC Advisor

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