Open Sourced a bunch of Robot Code today!

I cleaned up and released all our code for the 2013 FRC season. It’s not crazy documented or anything but this was the code that was on our robot so maybe it will help somebody.

Also check out our scouting database using python, tkinter, sqlite3, numpy and matplotlib. It worked great for our scouting needs this year and more importantly the students who worked on it became pretty proficient with some important tools!

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libBGS released!

Today I release some of the code I’ve been using for my masters as libBGS. I created libBGS from modifying the original libBGS by Donovan Parks. The major changes include updating to use OpenCV 2.xx and making better use of the stl when appropriate. I also added several algorithms including a Gaussian Mixture Model (GMM) variant, simple frame differencing and some upgrades to the Eigenbackground implementation.

The code is use-able but still a WIP, I’d like to try and add serialization so that the background models and be saved and loaded nicely.

check out the project page: libBGS

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