2015 a Year in Review

2015 was a pretty awesome year full of new experiences, growth and accomplishments. It marked my second year of working in software professionally and school seems like a faint memory at this point. Shopify, the company where I work, IPO’d this summer which was an exciting and [possibly] once in a lifetime experience. I think this kind of post is worth doing to reflect on all the things we accomplish before simply setting our sights on the next goal. So here it is my year in review in bullet points:

Travel ->

  • Barcelona for FullStack Fest

  • Stockholm Sweden for Nordic.js

  • Paris France (for just over 24 hours but we saw a lot!)

  • Helsinki Finland for Junction 2015

  • Costa Rica for vacation

  • Peru for a vacation and to hike the Inca Trail!

Sports and Fitness ->

  • new PR squating at 255 lbs for 1 (although now I’m injured as I write this and my squat is low :sadface:)

  • ran 3k in 12:35 (mm::ss)

  • made a lot of improvement in mobility (I can now touch my toes!)

  • I discovered and became addicted to Yoga Tune Up which has really helped support my other fitness goals

Ultimate ->

  • I played my first season of competitive Ultimate with Swift

  • I attended 3 away tournaments with Swift in Toronto, New York and Barrie finishing our season at No Borders in Ottawa.

  • We didn’t win a lot of games (we were essentially the C team) but we did beat Goose when it counted!

  • I played in my first beach tournament ever!

Side Projects ->

New Tech ->

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